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Hitrak is a revolutionary Transport Management System (TMS) that helps you achieve best-in-class service outcomes leading to better results for your business.


For businesses with 1-10 vehicles, needing an easy to use delivery management system.


For businesses with 10-50 vehicles, primarily in a single region. Needing a transport management system to drive efficiencies and great customer outcomes.


For larger operations that are multi-region or nationwide. Needing a full transport management system to drive efficiencies, great customer outcomes with advanced data handling.

The centre of operational excellence.

Simplify complex operations with Hitrak.

Differentiate your business with daily operational excellence, aided by software that was designed to achieve best-in-class service outcomes. Hitrak offers productivity tools and unparalleled levels of service visibility, so you operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. System configurations, automations and one-click optimisations that will see you outrun the competition.

Our technology

Your operation in real-time.

Gain a complete understanding of your on-the-road operations.

The Hitrak fleet tracking application is fully integrated with all other system data, meaning your get a view of not just where your assets are, but also what work they have done, what they have upcoming and any issues your team have had along the way, all in real-time.

Our technology

Your customers deserve the best.

A best-in-class tool, provided to your customers to enter and review orders.

Decentralised management of operations is essential to a scalable operation, and with Freightmaster your customers can self-service, reducing the administrative burden on your team. Label printing, real-time DIFOT reporting, data extracts, exception reporting and much more through Freightmaster.

Our technology

Ensuring world-class delivery.

The tool that facilitates great outcomes for both sending and receiving customers.

Let your customers receive real-time updates. Your delivery team can use Hitrak from any smartphone to scan, optimise loading and deliveries, see full job info including rich attachments, report on issues, and obtain proof of delivery.

Deliveries can be tracked by milestone and sentiment — giving you the data insights to prove and further improve your service.

Our technology

Much more than track and trace.

Manage your communications and messaging at scale.

Scalable operations are decentralised, giving the right person the right piece of information at the right time, to take the most appropriate action. Our consumer application drives engagement through the correct channels, with in-app messaging, self-service options and more that is configurable by sending customer. Ensuring your team can focus on meeting customer expectations in the most efficient manner.

Our technology
Powered by Hitrak

OnSend provides industry-leading services in the oversized freight sector across New Zealand. Using Hitrak they’ve been able to scale operations quickly from region to region, while improving service levels along the way.

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Powered by Hitrak

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