Frequently Asked Questions

Good question! A TMS is a Transport Management System typically used by a freight service business to plan, execute and efficiently manage the physical movement of both inbound and outbound freight. Modern day TMS platforms are completely digital and remove the need for inefficient paper processes, which costs time and money. The Hitrak TMS has been built to streamline workflows, optimise operations and accurately represent the physical process of moving freight, whilst guiding the user towards the most efficient course of action.

Absolutely, the Hitrak platform is built in a modular way, meaning either the full system or part of the system can be used, depending on your requirements. The tier of product enables a feature set that is most appropriate for your system needs, so regardless of whether you have a one van delivery service, or a fleet of 200 trucks running between cities, we have you covered. Hitrak has been built for retailers with delivery fleets, as well as transport businesses, and so you will find Hitrak intuitive and easy to use from day one.

Certainly, the most scalable operations are decentralized, meaning bottlenecks are removed at every opportunity. Every feature built within the Hitrak platform, has been designed with a service outcome in mind, and an example would be configurable communications to customers, with automated message settings than enable the confirmation of order delivery date and time to be handled by Hitrak rather than over the phone, whilst real-time visibility of truck locations and workloads improves dispatch accuracy. The result of streamlining dispatch is that freight moves quicker, trucks are better utilised across pickups and deliveries, and inbound calls enquiring about ETAs are greatly reduced.

Another example would be the result of the digital nature of the platform – drivers are provided their run via the Driver App, which they can use to navigate between pickups and deliveries, optimise their run, and communicate exceptions to be proactively notified via the system to the appropriate people, all in real-time. The result is a better experience for the customer and Hitrak TMS users, who can do more at scale.

Great, we’re delighted that you like what you see and we’re here to help! Please register your interest using the form found under the ‘contact’ tab at the top right-hand side of the screen. That will give us an idea of your business size and needs, and we’ll be in contact to find out more about your business and how we can support your needs.